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T-S-Berry T-S-Berry

Company Profile:

The US T.S.BERRY family operated furniture production in 1932. It is located in Columbus, Mississippi, USA. For more than 80 years, it has always insisted on the production of art and practical combination furniture. After several generations of efforts, it will be carefully designed and unique retro art. The original beauty and natural beauty of the furniture are combined to make each piece of T.S.BERRY furniture a time and history to witness the art. In 2010, Dongguan Haomanting Furniture Co., Ltd. was authorized to take charge of sales and production in China.

Established in 1986, Dongguan Haomanting Furniture Co., Ltd. has a factory area of 30,000 square meters and employs 300 people. It specializes in American-style home furnishings and has created a well-known brand in the industry---T.S.BERRY.

T.S.BERRY business philosophy is "Quality First, Credit First". Under the long-term hard work, it has won the trust and appreciation of customers. The business has spread to more than 30 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Jiangsu.

Product Style:

T.S.BERRY furniture is designed by American designers according to American culture and style. It expresses the casual and comfortable style of Americans and turns the home into a place to release stress and relieve fatigue.

Americans can be said to be the most "lazy" people in the world, but they are also the people who will enjoy life the most. Every weekend, they will forget all the stress of work in a week, open the door, go home, and put on leisure. Clothing, casually lying on the sofa, taking a newspaper, drinking a cup of coffee, watching TV, dining with the family, completely returning to the natural life, so the casualness and comfort of American furniture is its biggest feature, unlike European furniture emphasizes its fancy, feeling like an unreal home, but still feeling back to a five-star hotel or office. Therefore, the American-style sofa, the chair will be bigger, more spacious, and more comfortable, so that when you see it, you will have the comfort and freedom to go home.

T.S.BERRY furniture is made of fine wood and is generally thick, strong and durable. An American-style furniture can generally be used for decades. For hundreds of years, my grandfather used it to pass to his father. The father used it to pass to his son, which is very inherited. In American families, if you have a piece of furniture that your grandmother used, it will definitely be placed in the most prominent position in the home, which is a pride for Americans.

Moreover, American-style furniture lacks the splendour of European-style furniture, with gold-plated silver, retaining its spaciousness, comfort, and more practical.


Feature Of Product:

T.S.BERRY furniture has a strong personality, expressing the Americans' pursuit of freedom and advocating the spirit of innovation. There are often totems on the furniture that express the concept of American culture, and some totems that reflect Indian culture, once in the United States. The traveler told me that one day, he and his wife were resting in a small hotel in the American country at night. At night, the man got up and saw only the full house with various names of totems and even lamps. There is a monkey on the plate, and the carvings on the furniture are like an animal. They look at you, not to mention the decorations. They all feel strange. In fact, this is also the characteristics of American furniture, a totem, a sculpture is an interesting story. Nostalgia, romance and respect for time are also the best evaluations of American furniture.



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